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So much thought and effort goes into ensuring that your hotel creates the correct balance of atmosphere and comfort. The furniture is elegantly arranged, the menu perfectly balanced, the staff uniforms thoughtfully chosen, everything looks perfect.As your guest glides through the door, everything about your hotel creates a sense of calm and excited anticipation. Todays discerning guest wants the ladies and gentlemen who work in your hotel to understand their lifestyle and their needs. You have mastered the surroundings, you have wrapped your guests in a cocoon that is welcoming, elegant and chic. Then the whole illusion is shattered by a front of house employee who says Hi! Are you ok?.The Hotel Finishing School is an interactive, fun and experiential course that covers the following areas.


16 High Holborn The Luxury Academy London, United Kingdom WC1V 6BX, London,

Mobile: 020 3603 9085

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